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Amazing Classes with Kathy

Monday Anusara Flow Yoga 9:30 Black Lotus Yoga

Anusara Inspired Flow Yoga is based on the principals of alignment as designed by Anusara Yoga. To open the body from the heart centre to embrace joy in movement. This class encourages learning the asanas intelligently using a variety of techniques in alignment.  All levels are welcome to attend. Class will flow with music. Heated.

Friday Funky Flow 9:30am & 12:15 Hot Yoga Black Lotus Yoga MIll Hill

This heated class is full of DYNAMIC movement linking asana with breath to get in an optimal workout and have loads of fun. Great tunes, a bit of fun and this empowering class is sure to leave you stress free and ready for what ever the week has in store for you. *Knowledge of sun salutation is recommended, but all welcome! (Heat is reduced to between 30 and 33 degrees) 

Saturday Hot Yoga 9am and Rocket Yoga 10:30am

This Class is all about finding your Bhandas and engaging them towards taking flight and finding your inner warrior.   This is the price of a class as workshop techniques are taught and applied. Please bring your own wheel if you have one- no worries if you don't we love to share!   All Levels Welcome!

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