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10 Hour Transformational
Breath Work Course

Senior Yoga Teacher Kathy Ran is excited to introduce the 10 hour Transformational Breath Work module designed for yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts. Breath Work Training - 10 hour Certificate Included.

What is Breath work Training?

Breath work is a general term which refers to using the power of our breath for healing. There are many different ways to alter our breath pattern, and each of these can have different effects. In this breath work training you will learn many of these techniques, but the main type of breath work you will learn about is Transformational Breath work, Advanced Pranayama Techniques & Energy work inspired by Qigong.

I have designed Transformational Breath work as a system to support you in your personal healing and growth.  The philosophy of this Breath Work Training is that every person has the ability to heal themselves, through a process that involves connecting with a present-moment sensation in their body, conscious breathing, and allowing the mind-body to completely process what arises.  This Breath Work Training provides an effective way that is both safe and transformational!

In addition to yoga teachers, our course is ideal for professionals including nurses, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals. We welcome everyone who truly wants to heal and create change in their lives.

Breathwork is a modality that must be experienced to be fully understood.  Whether you're here to embark on your own personal healing experience, or to share Breathwork as a Facilitator, the journey begins with your own personal experience.

10 Hours Over 1 Weekend

8 - 9 June 2024 

Saturday 12:30am- 5:30pm I Sunday 12:30-5pm

In Studio Or On Line

One weekend £125 

Your Course:

How to use breath work for therapeutic purposes I The history of breath work, different types of breath work, the science of breath work I How to facilitate the healing process I How to use Breath Work as a guide to finding your own answers through transformative communication I How to identify and work with trauma​ I Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology I Techniques used for transformational breathing and how to find your own personal power I How to create  a life you love and reduce fear based decisions

The training is both educational and experiential. Lectures are combined with demonstrations of yoga poses, followed by sessions where you experience teaching the practice and receiving Transformational Breath Work. Benefits and contraindications are covered, as well as the effect on the holistic wellbeing of our students.

The training price includes a manual full of valuable and useful information you get to take home with you.

Mudra Meditation
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How to sign up:

Sign up today on our Workshop Page to save your space as this training is limited to 10 people. 

Who, What, Where:
This training will provide you with the foundation to begin to instruct or improve your own life.  You will learn a variety of Breath Work techniques and how to incorporate breath work, mindfulness, new positive habits and create change in your life today! 
This training is for yogis or yoga enthusiats who want to promote healing for themselves and others and learn how to control prana (energy) to focus on the life they wish to lead and the empowerment to do so. 

This training will take place at BLACK LOTUS YOGA STUDIO IN MILL HILL.
If you need help with nearby accommodation etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Acceptance to this training is on an individual basis after completion of an application form.

Please contact for any and all questions.


Kathy Ran SYT

A personal journey...

After 3 decades of practicing yoga and numerous trainings Kathy decided to embark on yet another journey to the self and what she discovered was that breath work was the key to so many things.

At 58 her body was just not cooperating and she was feeling a bit deflated after having a hip replacement and the loss of both her parents within 6 months and was questioning her purpose. 

She began breathwork and embarked on a journey that would empower her and take her to new possibilities, including cold water swiming, cycling and of course, yoga.

After completing advanced pranayama training and Wim Hoff's breathwork course she decided to teach these amazing techniques and share this gift with others. She loves the new sense of empowerment and feels as if she has reignighted her passion for life.

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