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20 Hour
Teacher Trainings

Kathy Ran SYT is excited to present 20 hour teacher trainings & CPD modules designed for yoga teachers with certification from Yoga Alliance. All trainings take place on the weekends and can be accessed on line too! At Black Lotus Yoga in London.

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As our understanding of Yoga Technology and Movement Science continue to evolve it is clear that physical health is informed by our ability to play and explore movement in diverse and various ways. Step into the infinite world of restorative yoga and explore in order to create a deeper understanding of functional mobility, the art of relaxation and awareness to deepen your practice and help heal others.

Join us on an exploration into this healing practice. Drench yourself in the asanas that make your heart sing and create your own 
signature class.

Sign up on workshop page.

Non teachers with more than 2 years’ experience are welcome to apply to deepen their own yoga practice.

Anusara Yoga is a comprehensive system to explore the principals of alignment, restorative yoga and in depth training to explore advanced asanas and backbends - this includes gentle yoga asanas, breath awareness, and guided meditation specifically designed to enhance everyone's yoga practice.  Using readily available props such as bolsters and blankets to gently support the body, the benefits of Anusara Yoga are accessible to everyone of all ages, including those recovering from injury or illness. 

Join us on an exploration into our hips and releasing emotional baggage and creating much needed space. Learn all about the anatomy and physiology of hip openers, so that you can share this amazing practice with others.

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