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Kathy Ran is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and a yoga elder with Independent Yoga Network. She owns Black Lotus Yoga in London and owns her own Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Kathy Ran

Founder & Senior Yoga Teacher

Kathy Ran

I began practicing yoga after having children and suffered from tremendous back pain, later I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Yoga has given me a pain free life and I love helping people gain the same freedom through the practice of yoga. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and I am a certified yoga instructor. I gained my Vinyasa yoga qualification in America and always wanted to learn more, which led to a Masters Degree in Physical Science, Sports yoga certification, Anusara Inspired qualification, Hot yoga training and many years of studying with some of the best instructors in the world.


I have been privileged to teach yoga for over 20 years and have owned a very successful yoga, fitness and teacher training studio in Florida before moving here to the UK.  My greatest joy is sharing my love of yoga with others and watching them grow. "Yoga to me is much more than fitness, its peace of mind and finding joy in everyday life."

I absolutely love teaching others how to teach and after 20 years of teaching and studying and my 10+ teacher trainings I feel so privileged in order to pass this amazing practice of yoga down to others with authenticity and heart in order for them to teach others...


"I’ve been practicing yoga for some time and thought I knew a bit about yoga but having taken this course I’ve realized that I wasn’t really listening to my body or the true meaning of yoga.  Since starting this course so much has changed for me in a positive way, meeting the most amazing array of teachers that have without hesitation shared all their knowledge and insights, 7 wonderful women that were not only my class mates but they have become my yoga family. I have a strong understanding of who I am and what makes me tick and a keen interest in not only looking solely inwards but trying to make a difference everyday with what I say and do.  Thank you Kathy for a truly life changing 6 months." Sam


 Kathy is a warm, generous and loving person with vast knowledge of the joys and challenges involved in being a yoga teacher/business owner. She created an open, mutually supportive and non - competitive environment that made learning about yoga stress - free. We were exposed to many different teachers and styles of yoga, which gave us a very broad overview and helped us to develop our own identities as teachers. My fellow trainees were just wonderful. Quite possibly the most positive group learning experience I've ever had.


"Kathy is the most inspiring , engaging and nurturing teacher. Working under her guidance on the teacher training has been a privilege. Her humour mixed with her wealth of knowledge creates a comfortable environment encouraging a personal growth. Doting this course has been one of the best decisions!".

Jodie- age 19


Kathy has been featured at The Om Yoga Show's and is featured Yoga Teacher at Soul Circus Yoga Festival yearly.

She conducts workshops and teacher trainings in the US and across the UK.

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Soul Circus, Kathy Ran